IRDAI Vision 2027: Andhra (AP),Telangana

Insurers meet is aimed at providing ‘Insurance for all’ by 2047

In a bid to promote insurance coverage through State-specific plans, major life and non-life insurers have agreed to collaborate in Andhra Pradesh, as per the vision of the insurance regulator. This significant decision was reached during a meeting held in Visakhapatnam om 20-May-2023, where industry representatives, the state government, and the regulator convened.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has assigned insurers specific states and union territories, aiming to enhance insurance penetration across India and ensure coverage reaches every corner of the country. This aligns with the IRDAI Vision 2047 plan, which aims to achieve ‘Insurance for all’ by 2047, coinciding with India’s centenary year of Independence.

The objective of today’s meeting in Vishakhapatnam was to foster collaboration among companies and develop actionable plans to increase insurance penetration with support from Andhra Pradesh government.

“This is a significant step towards fostering a culture of insurance in Andhra Pradesh. People can look forward to working collaboratively to tackle any challenges that may come our way and providing effective solutions to make Andhra Pradesh a fully insured state,”

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